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UXmake – Our vision for the future of productivity

UXmake is the future of digital content creation, collaboration and communication. If you can imagine a service that combined the best of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, GotoMeeting, Dropbox, Skype and Basecamp atop a cross device, cross platform, web based solution, then you are on the road to understanding UXmake. With UXmake, you don’t create countless copies of file of one type or another. EVERYTHING is a .UX, whether it’s a document, presentation, spreadsheet, webpage, or a combination of any of these. You create a single .UX that can be collaboratively edited in real time by any number of users that you, the UXmake user, permit to join your editing session. You can show your .UX on any device to anyone, embed your desktop (think GotoMeeting), start a video chat (think Skype), store and share files on the UXmake cloud (think Dropbox), and create content with the UXmake editor (think Google Docs) or even using existing Microsoft Office applications, all in real time.

Create, Collaborate, Communicate, Effortlessly

UXmake is a new approach to content creation, eliminating the lines between documents, spreadsheets, presentations, websites or even videos. Instead of maintaining different incompatible document formats across multiple applications and pasting out of date information back and forth from one file to the next, UXmake (Universal eXchange) is the evolution of the static, single purpose file into something far more dynamic – a file we call a .UX (dot u-x).

Create a .UX on our website with some document pages, then add a presentation slide or two, throw in some spreadsheets and charts, record and insert some video of yourself and others with narration, embed some dynamic content from other websites, its up to you. Have your colleagues, family or friends edit your .UX with you collaboratively in real time and add their own custom content. Present your .UX to any number of people on any device and control the pace, speed and structure with full confidence that your audience will see exactly what you expect in the way and order you expect it. Distribute your .UX as an online link, a PDF, a video, a PowerPoint, Excel or Word file, or many other formats. Later, reuse content from any .UX or any file you have imported into your UXmake cloud by simply searching for and then dragging the pages you want in. Need to make some changes to a page in a .UX that you have reused in some other .UX’s? Not a problem – when you edit a page from a .UX, any other .UX’s which leverage that page are automatically updated in real time – no more copying or version control nightmares.

John Sculley, former head of PepsiCo and later Apple Computer, once said “The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.” It is with the kind of thinking embodied by this quote and the vision of the future just described to you in mind that we have created UXmake.

No one offers a cross-platform productivity solution as effective as UXmake. No one.

About UXmake

We are a small company with a big mission - improve the way people digitally create, communicate and collaborate.

Microsoft Office or Google Docs = Desktop or Cloud
What if you didn’t have to choose?

We like them both. There is a time when you need to work in Office locally on your desktop, offline while on the go and when you don’t want your documents shared a million times through the cloud. Other times, you need to be able to share your information, work on it with others and save it for easy access for anywhere. In a nutshell, this is what UXmake is designed to allow you to do.

Challenge #1: Managing multiple, out-of-date, cloud-sync’d copies of the same documents is impossible

Have you ever emailed multiple copies of a document to a bunch of people for feedback only to find out that some of their changes didn’t get sent out to certain people, or that other people’s changes weren’t incorporated in the most recent version?

“Hey UXmake, that’s what DropBox / Google Drive / Microsoft Live is for!” If only that were true. All they do is multiply the problem, because instead of 1 or two copies of your files, you end up with many. Keeping track of the various versions and changes in your files used to be tricky, now it’s a full time job.

Challenge #2: Data security in the age of the cloud is a myth

DropBox, like Google and Microsoft, keeps a copy of your information on their servers, which means your data isn’t really yours, it’s theirs. We can’t stand the idea that everything we create gets replicated to their servers for God-only-knows whose eyes to see. These big companies data mine your files to increase what they, digital marketing firms and the government know about you, all without your knowledge or consent (even if you read the fine print in their license agreements, you wouldn’t know a fraction of what they really do with your information).

Meet the UXmake team

Making the world better, one line of code at a time.




Ari is a seasoned software architect with over 13 years enterprise software development experience.  He has held the roles of Solutions Architect at Microsoft (leading the technology team responsible for Verizon’s $117.3M fiberoptics-to-the-premise middleware platform) and Lead Global IT Strategist for AVL (overseeing AVL’s €43M eSpares ERM system rollout).  He studied mathematics and computational science at MIT, and currently has been awarded 3 patents.



Vice President of Development

Max is a professional developer and project manager with deep experience in the most widely used technologies such as CSS, Javascript, HTML5, Node.js, PHP and more, as well as system administration and cloud services. He studied Information Systems Engineering at the University of St. Kliment of Ohrid and has worked on projects for a diverse range of clients including Lamborghini Palm Beach, PureCanvas, Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Via Transport and many more.



Lead Developer

Naum is the lead of the main UX development. He has plenty of experience in backend development, scalability, software design and architecture. He studied Information Systems Engineering at the University of St. Kliment of Ohrid and has been developing software for the last 6 years.




John is one of our top developers, an internationally recognized computer science expert, with silver and bronze medals in the Balkan Informatics Olympiad, one of the most grueling computational science competitions in the world.  He studied computer science at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in the UKM and is fluent in the .NET framework, algorithms, Javascript, Java, PHP, Android, Pascal, Node.js, and much more. 

We are passionate about building software that enhances people’s ability to get things done efficiently.

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